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Karen “Koko” Iyere-Blending Beauty And Science With Kokanni Cosmetics

Karen "Koko" Iyere, the founder of Kokanni Cosmetics, is a double certified nurse practitioner who combines her healthcare knowledge with the beauty industry to offer luxurious body products that enhance the health and beauty of all women. Her goal is to make them feel confident in their own skin.

WOE: How is Kokanni Cosmetics making an impact?

KI: Kokanni Cosmetics is a luxury skincare line for all women, created by a first-generation Nigerian-American healthcare practitioner. Its impact is two-fold: first, it fills a gap in the market for luxury skincare for predominantly women of color. Secondly, it aims to empower women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, without relying on makeup. The brand challenges the idea that women need makeup to feel confident in social situations.

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