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Product Description

This moisturizer blends cayenne, lavender, MSM, juniper, and willow bark to provide the perfect amount of moisture while balancing oil production. This is a great daily moisturizer.

This product contains  ingredients that are 97% Naturally Derived and 52% Organic. Ingredients include organic aloe, apricot kernel oil, willow bark, vitamin E, wild geranium,coconut, and clove essential oil.

Omosé Moisturizer

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  • A light daily moisturizer formulated to work well with sensitive, oily, or blemish prone skin. A blend of organic Willow Bark, Clove Essential Oil, organic Juniper and organic Cayenne help prevent excess oil production while organic Lavender and MSM support healing. Gentler on your skin than typical anti-blemish products, this moisturizer helps to calm and clarify without dryness, irritation or redness. The non-comedogenic formula provides a perfect amount of moisture to balance oil production. This is a great daily moisturizer for face and body.

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